Tests every developer should run Four tests that developers should run on their own code before pushing it to the Quality Assurance p… Monkey testing does not follow any test cases, and no predefined conditions follow this technique. The idea of ProfessionalQA.com was born out of a belief that there should be no barriers in the path to achieving knowledge. Utilising the overwhelming inroads, which the internet has made in reaching the remotest of populations. It is performed where the defects are not identified in regular intervals. As the scenarios that are tested are adhoc, system might be under stress so that we can also check for the server responses.

monkey testing

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What is Gorilla Testing?

This test can catch the bugs that are harder to identify but are critically important too. In this testing, there is no predefined strategy or algorithm and hence the testing works on tester’s gut and mood. https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ is divided into three types of testing is Dumb monkey testing, Smart monkey testing, and Brilliant Monkey testing.

monkey testing

Here inputs can be data that is entered into the application or clicking a button for the next action or clicking on a link to navigate to another page. Monkey testing is an effective way to identify some out-of-the-box errors. Since the scenarios tested are usually ad-hoc, monkey testing can also be a good way to perform load and stress testing. The intrinsic randomness of monkey testing also makes it a good way to find major bugs that can break the entire system. The setup of monkey testing is easy, therefore good for any application.

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This technique of software testing is extremely popular among software engineers and is used by them to test applications by providing random inputs and checking its behaviour. Moreover, testing is the best way of finding bugs and defects in the software as well as to resolve them as soon as they are detected by the team of testers. Monkey Testing/Random Testing, is a type of software testing, which was mentioned for the first time in the book The Art of Software Testing by Glenford J. Myers in 1979.

monkey testing

The other difference can be seen in gorilla testing and monkey testing. Here the former is performed on limited features and modules to analyze their functionalities, whereas the latter focuses on breaking down of a complete system to identify the bugs. Even those test engineers do not have any idea whether the given inputs are valid or invalid. It describes that a monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter keyboard for a random amount of time will almost type a given text.


It is also known as stochastic testing, and best suited for desktop, web, as well as mobile applications. It is a time and effort-saving process if we are using random testing or monkey testing inputs. The randomness of monkey testing often makes the bugs found difficult or impossible to reproduce. Unexpected bugs found by monkey testing can also be challenging and time consuming to analyze. In some systems, monkey testing can go on for a long time before finding a bug. For smart monkeys, the ability highly depends on the state model provided, and developing a good state model can be expensive.

monkey testing

monkey testing does not require many specifications while performing this test. In Monkey testing, there is no predefined strategy or test cases, so it is based on the tester’s gut and intuition. In Monkey testing, we do not follow any test case, there are no predefined conditions to follow in this technique. Later when the other test is done it can be opted to find the other issues such as the software and hardware issues, fault lines and memory leaks which are difficult to find in normal testing. It can also be used to develop the system and user events in the quasi random stream.

Monkey Testing

Any Random Data Can Be Used — when it comes to Monkey Testing there is no right business case. What it means is that every random data can be used to check the system response. Since any data set can be used, there does not arise a question about right or wrong. Monkey tests are done randomly, verifying both valid and invalid scenarios.

  • The test engineer’s behaviour may be like a user who does not have a technical knowledgebut is trying to use the application.
  • Gorilla testing aims to examine the capacity of single module functionality.
  • The main objective is to surpass the application and report any bugs along the way.
  • This testing works well in case of androids, desktops, web and other mobile applications.
  • If we compared fuzz testing with both gorilla testing and monkey testing are very much different to each other.
  • It is performed where the defects are not identified in regular intervals.

Let’s say we are testing a train ticket booking application, the tester will know how the application works and will have a clear picture of how it should and shouldn’t work under random inputs. Monkey testing is executed by testers or developers or any stakeholders, who may or may not have the knowledge and understanding about the domain and the logic of the application. Monkey testing is executed by entering random inputs or unexpected actions into the software to verify its behavior and find out if it gives any error.

On android – U/I Application Exerciser Monkey:

This situation may get changed with coming era of Testing Process then we will have look towards the upcoming impact of Monkey testing and its significant effect on industry standards. This is an introductory tutorial for Monkey Testing to cover basic idea about it. Gorilla Testing is a Software testing technique wherein a module of the program is repeatedly tested to ensure that it is working correctly and there is no bug in that module. Since monkey testing relies on the understanding and mood of the tester, monkey testing on its own is not a suitable testing method. Easy to execute the tests, as generating random data does not demand any complexity.

Monkey Tester who has no idea about the system or the functionality and no assurance on validity of test cases is refereed as Dumb Monkey. It is a kind of black box testing and is done to ensure that the specifications given by the client are addressed properly. This technique can help us find bugs that might occur in the future span of its functioning. The chances of finding irrelevant and not reproducible bugs are very less in this testing.

Monkey Testing Tools

Many times it happens that the reproduction of bug is very difficult or almost impossible, as the tester is unable to reproduce the found bug. Since it is time-consuming and requires too much effort and so wastage of effort in the early stage is not recommended. Since it is capable of finding issues such as hardware or software failure, memory leaks or other faults which are not generally found in normal testing, it is recommended to be done after normal testing. Domain Expertise A Must — random data causes random system behavior, as such only a domain expert can judge the impact of such responses. Hence, Monkey Testing should always be carried out under the watchful eyes of an expert whose knowledge and experience allows them to understand the importance of each response. Before you end up putting time and effort into Monkey Testing or Gorilla Testing, make sure to give BrowserStack a trial run to avoid any sort of last-minute monkey business.